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Mr. United Nations 2012

Last year, he won Best in Costume for representing Egypt. But this year, he not only won Best in Costume for representing Spain… he won Mr. United Nations 2012. Congratulations, kuya!!! Out of more than 100 kids (from nursery to grade 4) vying for the title, we didn’t expect that he’d make it to Top

Drum & Lyre

My 6-year old son, Greggy, has always wanted to learn how to play drums. So when their school announced that they’re forming a drum & lyre band for the United Nations’ Day celebration at the end of this month, Greggy was very excited to join! Their band has been practicing every single day (including Saturdays)

Hidden Talent

I didn’t know my son had real, budding talent in singing until I heard him sing his own rendition of Dakilang Lahi during our morning practice the other day. His teacher had chosen him to represent Grade 1 for the Buwan ng Wika singing competition that will be held at the end of this month.

Keep it up, Greggy!

Kuya Greggy diligently working on his school projects with very little help from me and daddy. Good job, anak! We love you so much! Tweet

Christmas Party at School

My son enjoyed hosting their Christmas party at school wearing his Santa costume. Cute boy! Tweet

What Matters Most

Two weeks ago, my son officially bid goodbye to kindergarten. My husband insisted on going up the stage this time. And as much as I wanted to accept the English Speaker of The Year award for our firstborn, I knew I had to give way. Hehe. A year from now, our little boy will be

Heya, Mr. Scotland!

My son in his Scottish kilt costume during the United Nations’ Day at school.   “BEHIND THE SCENES” I have a confession to make. When the Top 10 Best in Costume Awardees were being called on stage, I was silently hoping that Greggy would make it — but he didn’t. After the announcement, Greggy innocently

Super late!

I know this is really late. But let me share with you my son’s photos during Linggo ng Wika. Okay, this event happened two months ago… *big grin* All smiles while performing… Greggy and another kinder student from PIS declaimed a haiku together Baby Ayesha was also present at the event to give full support

Rain or shine

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday. Leo and I rushed from work to pick-up Greggy at school. When we arrived, his teacher greeted us and we were told that the class was suspended due to typhoon Emong. She also mentioned that Greggy was the only student who went to school that day despite the

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