Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012: The Christmas Bazaar for Chic Shopping Mamas!

I have been invited to attend this event on Saturday and I am soooo excited to go! I’ve heard  so much about this bazaar for the past years, so I am pretty sure this would be an awesome experience for me.

The MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR features 80+ booths of the latest mom and baby products, gift items for the whole family, fun activities and so much more! Get your stash of maternity and nursingwear, babywearing products, baby slings and accessories, diapers, baby and kids clothes and shoes, toys and books, and many more great finds!

Now to make shopping a blissful experience to every mom, Mommy Mundo will provide the following:

  • Credit Card terminals for your credit purchases
  • Mommy Mundo shopping bags (please also free to bring your own so we can minimize the use of plastic at the event)*
  • Free drinking water from Crystal Clear
  • Kids play area by Fun Ranch (inflatable play area and game booths)
  • Face painting for kids by Partezeit
  • Free family photo *
  • Breastfeeding lounge and diaper changing area
  • Free issues of Mommy Mundo freezines (Urban Mom and Mommy Pages)*
  • Free issues of Working Mom Magazine, Sense & Style Magazine*

…and more surprises from their sponsors!

*while supplies last :)

Entrance fee to the event is 30 pesos per person and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Christmas outreach project of MomShare! (

THE MOM 24/7 PLANNER 2013 edition

The Mom 24/7 2013 Planner will also be launched at the Mommy Bazaar.  The Mom 24/7 Planner 2013 edition will be available at only P395 per copy. *All holders of the Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport get their complimentary copy at the Bazaar. :-)

To read more about the Mom 24/7 Planner, click here.

Baking Time with my Little Boy

The other night, my little boy and I baked chocolate cupcakes for the first time. It was fun and entertaining because we pretended that we were running our own show and baking in front of our audience LIVE. Haha!

I taught him how to sift all the dry ingredients together and mix the batter carefully…

And after baking it for 25 minutes, I let him decorate the cupcakes to his heart’s content using the leftover icing that Goldilocks gave us at the Halloween Party last week! It was so much fun that daddy even got annoyed that we didn’t give him one cupcake to decorate by himself. Haha! Sorry, daddy!!! :-P

And oh! In case you are wondering why one of the cupcakes is missing from the pan, I intentionally ate it without the icing so I can judge this simple recipe without any bias. Hehe.

The verdict?

Well, they were over-baked. That was pretty evident to me the moment I pulled them out of the oven. They smelled a little burned so the cupcakes didn’t come out moist and soft as expected. They also didn’t rise beautifully.

Maybe I just need to adjust the baking time to about 15 minutes or so next time. :-)

I really like the simplicity of this recipe and will definitely use it again. I tasted the mixture prior to putting it into the oven so I know it’s delicious. It’s just that there were things that we did not do right. I made the mistake of pre-heating the oven unnecessarily and I think my son over-mixed the batter as well.

But it’s okay….What matters is we had fun.

Anyway, check out this website if you are looking for a sterling silver necklace. A blessed day to all!

A Whimsical Halloween Party at Goldilocks Cake City

Since Goldilocks has become synonymous with birthday parties, it was only a matter of time before the country’s number one bakeshop built their own special place to have the ultimate Goldi-good celebration. For that reason, the Goldilocks Cake City (located at the company’s Shaw Boulevard Headquarters) was recently completed to fulfill this objective.

Whatever the special occasion or festivity may be, the Goldilocks Cake City can comfortably seat a party of fifty – with enough space left over for games, decorations, and installations. Given its ideal central location, ample size, fanciful décor, and ready access to delightful Goldilocks treats, the Goldilocks Cake City will surely make waves as the event venue of choice.

That being said, selected mommy bloggers (together with popular digital publishers) were invited to experience the Goldilocks Cake City firsthand last Saturday with our children and see for ourselves just how “hallo-wonderful” a Halloween party could be. I don’t usually attend blogger events (too lazy to go out) but since it was a family invitation, I said YES. And I am so glad I did! :-)

Here are the snapshots of the venue.

Snapshots of the Goldilocks Cake City

Prior to the party, I was just expecting the regular trick or treat event — a few games, a little snack for the kids, and lots of candies to fill up their pumpkin baskets (I was wrong). So when we arrived at the venue, I was surprised to get all that extra-special love and care for my family. We were about 30 minutes late but there was a table already waiting for us. As soon as we sat down and signed the attendance sheet, their friendly staff served us two boxes of plain cake with 5 different colors of icing and cute toppers for each cake. Then our decorate-your-cake (DYC) session with the kids began. What an exciting way to jump-start the event! We were told that the most creatively designed cake would get a special award. But since my kids insisted on designing the cakes on their own, we knew we didn’t stand a chance. Haha! Sometimes, daddy and I help out with the design. But most of the time the kids wouldn’t allow us, so we just let them do it their way.

See how this little girl enjoys decorating her cake all by herself?

The kids got totally engrossed doing their craft that they almost forgot to play games and mingle with other kids. Haha!

Fun, fun day!

Needless to say, it was a day filled with exciting and entertaining activities. Special awards were also given to the best costumes (parent and child) and of course, the most creative DYC creation.

“Goldilocks is truly the one-stop celebration specialist,” enthused Marketing Director, Pinky Yee. “From a full menu, to amazing cakes and pastries, to a theme that can’t be beat, Goldilocks now provides a venue for you to enjoy all these and more with friends and family!”

Goldilocks made the party really special not just for the kids, but for us parents as well. I have never attended a blogger event before (this is my first) and I am so glad that my expectations were exceeded. They made sure there was more than enough food and perks for everyone. :-) The place was nice, colorful and conducive for not-so-big celebrations. So if you’re planning to throw a party for your little one, I suggest that you check out the Goldilocks Cake City! They offer affordable packages.

And most of all, thanks for making sure we have all these yummy goodies to enjoy at home, Goldilocks! :-)

Take-home goodies from Goldilocks. :)



Goldilocks Cake Plant, 498 Shaw Boulevard, Madaluyong City
Facebook Page:

Mr. United Nations 2012

Last year, he won Best in Costume for representing Egypt. But this year, he not only won Best in Costume for representing Spain… he won Mr. United Nations 2012. Congratulations, kuya!!! :-)

Mr. & Ms. United Nations 2012 (Mr. Spain & Ms. Egypt)

Out of more than 100 kids (from nursery to grade 4) vying for the title, we didn’t expect that he’d make it to Top 10 Best in Costumes. There were  many students wearing nice costumes, so being part of the Top 10 was more than enough  for us. Going home with a small trophy wasn’t so bad at all. Really! :-P

After the Q&A portion,  judges picked the Top 4 Best in Costumes. And praise God, my little boy made it again! This time we were already smiling from ear to ear. Haha!

Pang-Miss Universe ang questions. Kaloka! LOL

Aside from having another Q&A portion (with the judges this time), the Top 4 kids were asked to showcase their talents (impromptu). My son impressed the judges and the crowd by singing Dakilang Lahi a cappella. I admit, seeing my little boy on stage singing his best despite the lack of practice choked me up back there. Whew! For a moment, I had that quick sentimental moment that nobody knew. Hehe.

Mr. Spain singing Dakilang Lahi (a cappella)

After the talent portion, the winners were announced and we already knew he’s gonna be the one. *winks*


Looking for an electric fireplace? Check out this website:


Resolving Babylon Redirect Virus

Good morning, world!

I woke up earlier than usual today to finish a few  tasks online while the kids are asleep. Hoping to get everything done by 10AM as I need to accomplish a few errands outside the house after this. May the Lord’s grace be with me!

Anyway, I am so glad I was finally able to get rid of the Babylon Redirect Virus that infected my laptop several days ago. It was so annoying because any website I visit redirects me to this page:


I found a few troubleshooting steps online but I backed out when I read that I need to work on my computer system’s registry. Whoaaaa! Being a Technical Support Agent before, I pretty much know how sensitive it is! One wrong move can crash your computer. So I said, wait….let me do basic troubleshooting first. Hehe.

And true enough, I found this Babylon extension on Firefox and disabling it resolved the issue! Hooray!

Anyway, you might wanna check out this online virus scanner at


Join the Cetaphil Skin Treats Promo & Win a Trip to Hongkong, Disneyland!

To celebrate Cetaphil’s 65th year in providing evidence-based skin care solutions for all skin types and for being “the country’s most prescribed brand of Cleansers and Moisturizers by Dermatologists and Pediatricians”, Cetaphil launches the CETAPHIL SKIN TREATS PROMO!

Through this contest, you will  not only get a chance to win a trip to Hongkong for two for 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodation (with a day pass in Disneyland) and pocket money worth US$100. You’ll also get a chance to win  an iPad3 and Cetaphil gift packs! Isn’t that cool?!

 The mechanics are easy!

Just send a photo of you holding a 118mL Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and a scanned copy of its official receipt, together with your full name, landline/mobile number, and email address to

Promo runs from October 22 to November 22, 2012 and is open to all Filipinos 18 years old and above. So what are you waiting for? Have that photo taken now and submit your entry right away to get a chance to win these cool prizes!

Goodluck to everyone joining! :-)

Here’s the video of Cetaphil Skin Treats Promo Mechanics:

 To get more updates on Cetaphil products, follow @cetaphilippines  and @jandrada96 on Twitter and like Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook.


DIY: Ayesha’s Play Kitchen

Ta-daaaaa!!!! :-)

I am so excited to show you the project that has kept me away from my laptop for weeks. Here it is — my daughter’s play kitchen!

Ayesha’s Play Kitchen: Before& After

Because of the amazing DIY play kitchen projects on Pinterest, I got inspired to make one for Ayesha. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy given that I didn’t have any experience in carpentry, but I guess when we want something so much we would do everything in our power to make things happen. :-)

You see… I have never hammered, sawn nor measured a wood before. I was never the creative type. But I am very much willing to learn, get my hands dirty, spend long hours just to get things done and work overtime if I have to. So after checking out Milla’s Play Kitchen and Lily’s Play Kitchen for a dose of inspiration, I was more than excited to start despite my lack of experience. I looked around the house and found this old TV rack that we’ve only been using to keep all our photo albums.

Call me crazy but I feel like my brain is going to explode if I don’t put into action all the ideas going through my head. I just have to do it! Otherwise, my mind will be full of clutter.Hehe.

So staring at the old TV rack in the wee hours of the morning (while the kids were in deep slumber), I grabbed a pen and paper and sketched how I imagined it to be. I was never good at drawing, but I drew it anyway. :P

When I showed the drawing to my husband, he was skeptical knowing that I couldn’t even put up Christmas decors without relying on him. Hehe. He feared that he’ll just end up doing the project on his own. I insisted and told him that with or without his help, I would still do it. End of story. Haha!

So the following day, I unloaded the TV rack and towed it from our bedroom to the front yard and made my first trip to the nearest hardware store without saying a word to my husband. I measured my daughter’s height as well as my desired height and width for the kitchen. And the rest is history! (I would just probably write the details on a separate post some other time. For now, I need beauty rest. LOL.)

Anyway, here are some of our pictures in action….

Partners in Crime. LOL

As you can see, my husband still ended up helping me with this project especially when we built the frame on the first day and stepped in whenever he could. He really is my partner in everything. Thanks, dad!!! :-)

We started working on this project on October 1st and officially finished on the 17th. Yes, that long!

If we hired a carpenter to do this for us, this project would’ve been finished within 2-3 days.

But more than getting things done, it is the fun of doing it with our bare hands that makes this project really special. It may have lots of flaws, but I am pretty sure this is PERFECT in Ayesha’s eyes. :-)

This project is a living testimony that we don’t need exceptional carpentry skills in order to accomplish something. We just need enough inspiration to fuel our desires and make things happen. :-) And if we work at it with all our hearts, God will bless the work of our hands no matter how inadequate and incapable we think we are.

To my baby girl Ayesha,

Looking forward to building more happy memories with you as you grow up playing in this little kitchen of yours. I love you to the moon and back!

Ayesha’s Play Kitchen


Grandma visited this morning and gave our little chef early Christmas presents – an electronic mixer playset & a coffee maker playset. Thanks, grandma Christine!


Today’s Menu: Homemade Pizza

Since I’ve started this weekly menu planning thing, I make sure that pasta or pizza is included in the menu at least once a week. And for the record, I’ve made a few yummy pasta dishes in the past but when it comes to making pizza from scratch, I was totally clueless. So for my first baking project, I decided to bake some pizza.

Here’s how it turned out…

My first homemade pizza

Okay, I made a mistake here. With the amount of ingredients that I used (2 cups of all-purpose flour), I should’ve divided the dough into two medium-large pizza bases. Although the bread turned out great, it was way too thick! Surprisingly, the dough continued to rise as I was putting the toppings which made my supposedly thin-crust pizza into an extra-thick one. Obviously, I didn’t wait long enough for the dough to completely rise (I only waited 30 minutes). I just found out later on that the correct waiting time should be 1-2 hours. Oh well…

And based on how it looks, I think I didn’t knead it that well. See the creases on the dough? :-(


Each time I make a mistake in anything that I do, I feel this very strong urge to make corrective actions. I don’t wanna do something just for the heck of it — I wanna do it right and master it if I have to. :-)

I watched a few video clips online before going to bed that night and learned how to knead the dough right.

So the following day, I was ready to make pizza bases again. Using the same amount of ingredients, I made two medium and two small thin-crust pizza bases. But this time I added something that really turned my dough  into an expensive-looking/tasting/smelling one — dried basil leaves!!!

Oh boy, it turned out just exactly how I want my pizza dough to be! It was perfect!

My 2nd homemade pizza (Part II): The awesome version.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own pizza dough, please proceed to my kitchen here.

The Diary of a Supermom Wannabe